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The UK's party leaders have clashed in the first TV election debate on a range of issues including the NHS, immigration and the deficit. It is the only time David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

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Arsenije IV Jovanović Šakabenta (Serbian Cyrillic: Арсеније IV Јовановић Шакабента, Serbian pronunciation: [ǎrseːnije t͡ʃětʋr̩ːtiː]; 1698 – 18 January 1748) was the Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch from 1725 to 1737 and Head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Habsburg Monarchy from 1737 to his death.

Travunija or Travunia (Serbian: Травунија / Travunija; Ancient Greek: Τερβουνία, Terbounía, modern pronunciation Tervounía; Latin: Tribunia), was a medieval principality that was part of Medieval Serbia (850–1371), and later the Bosnian Kingdom (1373–1482). The principality became hereditary in a number of noble houses, often kin to the ruling dynasty. The region came under.